Trina & Rick

Trina & Rick

Trina & Rick

The main problem between Trina and Rick is the PHONE.  Rick was never a big video game guy. Trina only remembers one video game that Rick ever really played during their marriage.  That went through its cycle and then the game was never heard of again.

But, since Rick has gotten a smart phone things have been different. Rick spends almost all of his home time and downtime at his work being on his phone. Rick has specific games he plays daily and some he plays throughout the day.  The rest of the time is spent watching youtube videos and reading news articles or googling products he plans to purchase.  If there is a disagreement between him and Trina about whether something is true, Rick grabs his phone to see who is right in hopes that it is him.

Everytime Trina sees Rick at home he is on his phone. She has asked him to make time to share with her and he will do it for a day or three and then right back to the same phone routine.

Trina doesn’t want to beg Rick to spend time with her. She doesn’t want to nag him either. It seems she has tried to find things to do together, but he has no interest.

Does anyone have any advice for Trina?

What should Trina do?

Leaving Rick is not the answer.

Joining him by being on her phone is not the answer.

What do you think?

Help this girl!


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