Vorrei Muffin

Vorrei Muffin

I made Muffins

No period on the sentence BeCaUsE I WILL continue to make muffins again and again.


These little chocolate chip numbers are delightful. They freeze well. They eat well. They travel well. They are so worldly.

First and foremost I use as le base of most muffins made by moi:


Now I do put my own ‘lil spin on these.

First off,  I double or quadruple, 👍 yes quadruple the recipe.  This way, once I make the base batch I can split it up and make my variants e.g., blueberries, cherries, mango and ginjah (ginger) etc.

Secondly, concisely thirdly, fourthly and so on…..here I ramble. I use All Purpose Flour it’s unbleached and good and all.  I just found that whole wheat flour was making me stuffy and phlegmmy.  (Only took a few years of suffering for me to catch on.)

Futhermore, I do use only applesauce, no yogurt. “Later, Yogurt.”

I kick out the butter completely. “Get Out Buttah.”

Then I mix with Wahter. “No Milk, hit the Bricks With Butter and Yogurt Over There!”

Then I add whatever I wanna add, because these muffins aren’t the boss of me.  (I had a friend that used to say that about everything. I thought it odd after awhile. Because, did she really have to remind herself so often?)

Anywaaaaays, I put all muffins in the old reliable IF YOU CARE Large Baking Cups, because I dew care. I really really care if they stick to the bottom and I lose precious breakfast real estate. I’m a hungry osprey in the morning….noon and night when I eat me muffins.

~Muffin Intermission~

The Other Muffin

In ye olde muffin pans. These are a spin-off of these: http://minimalistbaker.com/sweet-potato-almond-butter-muffins/

If that link doesn’t work, I nary know why??

The Easy Life

In this battle royal, I subbed in Pumpkin Puree. She gave a fair fight. How I do love Sweet Pots, but laziness beat out yam-yams this round.

I took out the oil and used applesauce.

I again used white all purpose flour.

I used regular almond butter and also on a few I tried peanut butter just for schiks and giggles.

Swirl Me A River

These also froze like a dream, ate like a dream–maybe it ’twas a dream? Because I found the most dreamy way to consume these little butters is with a drizzle of warmed maple syrup.

Doesn’t Look Like It, But Yes! Delicious

Have a Muffin Happy Day!



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